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Are you an English-speaking author looking to promote your Italian books? Let me help you with that. As an Italian native and an indie author myself, I can help you reach the Italian readers and bridge the language gap.
We are currently testing different services and, until the website is up and running smoothly, we will be offering all these for free. Please feel free to spread the word with your author friends who have published in Italian. 

We have an authors-only newsletter, which we’ll be using to share new services and promos. If you would like to be added to the list, please sign up here:

Scroll down to browse the services we currently offer and please do not hesitate to contact us should you be looking for something that’s not included on this list. We’ll be happy to consider adding them.

Please note: we do not promote erotica books or books that include: graphic violence, rape, abuse, incest, drug use, racism, BDSM. If you’re not sure, please contact us before submitting your book.

Newsletter for deals

Our weekly schedule includes a total of 3 newsletters. We will be testing the services including a maximum of 5 books in each email, so the readers don’t get distracted by too many options. As a start, we will be testing different hours of the day to optimize open rates.

Kindle Unlimited only: this newsletter is dedicated to books available in KU. Books can be any price, you do not need to discount them since the email will go out only to those who have a KU subscription who don’t care about the price. If you are discounting a KU book, the “Deals and freebies” newsletter would be a better option, since it will also include readers who buy from Amazon but don’t have a KU subscription. The email goes out on Mondays.

Deals and freebies: this newsletter is dedicated to books available on Amazon or wide, that are either free or priced between 0,99 to 1,99 Euros. These can be temporarily discounted books as well as permanently discounted or permafrees. If your book is in KU, we will also send it out to those on the KU list (unless the book has already been featured in the KU newsletter over the last 60 days). M/M or F/F romances won’t be included, since there’s a separate LGBT newsletter for them. The email goes out on Fridays. 

Just a little piece of advice: if you’re letting Amazon do the conversion for you from USD as your main currency, it will most likely show up as 0.89 Euros. You’re better off changing that manually to make it 0.99 Euros, which is a more common price.

LGBT: this newsletter is dedicated to M/M or F/F books only, either free or discounted up to 1.99 Euros, in KU or wide. The email goes out on Wednesdays.

The deals and free books will also be displayed on our “deals” page for a week (we will include a disclaimer to say that some books may only be temporarily discounted and to check the prices before one-clicking). Once new deals are posted, the page will remain live on the website anyway and will appear at the bottom of the deals section so readers can visit it at any time. 

Book of the month

Your book will be featured on our website in the “Libro del mese” section from the 1st to the 30th/31st of that month. The page will include: book cover, full blurb, buy links, links to your author website and social media. Optional: you may choose to offer a giveaway for either a gift card or an ebook from your backlist that will run for the whole month. 

You will provide 4 different one-line teasers and we will create a simple graphic with the teaser and your book cover which we’ll share on social media (Instagram and Facebook, including our Facebook book) once every week. If you want to include a longer excerpt, please pick one line for the graphic and the rest will be included in the post. 

KU Library

The cover and buy link of your book will be displayed on a dedicated page (Vetrina KU) for up to 3 months, which will include KU books divided by subgenre. We aim to have no more than 10 books for each subgenre for each term, to avoid reader distraction. If after the 3 months are through there is still room in your category, you may choose to renew. The page will be advertised every 2 weeks on social media to bring more eyes to the website.

New releases

This page will spotlight the new releases. Initially we will start with the new releases of the month. The page will go live around the 28th of the month (if your book releases on the 29th, 30th or 31st, you may include a preorder link). This page will only include the ebook cover, heat level, subgenre and buy links. We may consider including the new releases in newsletters too.

Author Library

This page will include the author photo or logo, a short bio (max. 500 characters), a link to your website and 2 social media profiles, a link to your Amazon page on Amazon Italy. We will be charging a small fee for this service, but your bio will be included on the page forever. Optional: an author interview can be included for a small additional charge and it will be promoted on social media.

Monthly group events

Every month we will organize a group event (think Love Kissed, LitRing, and similar services). As a start, each event will include a giveaway for a gift card. We may consider organizing giveaways for books, in which case we would take care of delivering the prizes to the winners. We will send you an email with a sign-up link for each promo. If you aren’t on our authors-only newsletter, we recommend signing up so you don’t miss any of the events.

Other promotional events

To help you spread the word about your book or your new release, we can organize an event with a group of bloggers we collaborate with. We will send out a sign-up form with the book cover, blurb, genre, and heat level at least a month before the event. If you’re asking for reviews on top of the spotlight on the blog, we will take care of sending out the review copies you provide us. We will then send a media kit with blurb, buy link, book cover, author bio to the bloggers a few days before the event. 

We can also organize a launch event/online presentation of your book in our Facebook group. You provide the content (such as: teasers, cover reveal, trivia, etc. If you want, we can create some simple graphics for you) and we will be posting in the group a few days before release, on release day, and a few days after release date. You are welcome to offer a giveaway (we would be using Kingsumo or Rafflecopter).

VA services (coming soon)

If there’s enough interest, we are planning on adding VA services. These will include translating newsletters (and replying to email from readers), translating social media content and managing dedicated social media profiles for Italian readers, translating copy for ads, proofreading translations.

If you’re interested, please contact us.

Some additional notes: when displaying your book, either in the newsletter or on the website, we will always include the romance subgenre and the heat level. When submitting your book, please make sure to pick the right heat level to avoid unhappy readers. We have considered three different heat levels:

Sweet (dolce): clean or sweet books with no sex scenes, or if sex happens the doors are closed or the scene fades before clothes come off.

Sensual (sensuale): books with only 1-2 open-door scenes tops, not extremely descriptive and graphic. No explicit mention of intimate body parts.

Spicy (piccante): books with several graphic and descriptive sex scenes. Explicit mentions of intimate body parts (c*, d*, p* words) and explicit language.

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