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Are you an English-speaking author looking to promote your Italian books? Let me help you with that. I’m Roberta and, as an Italian native and an indie author myself, I would like to help you reach the Italian readers and bridge the language gap.
I am currently testing different services and, until the website is up and running smoothly, I will be offering all these for free. You are welcome to spread the word with your author friends who have published books in Italian. Please note that since this is still a work-in-progress, it might take a little time to get results (in terms of visibility and sales), so bear with me while we build our group of followers over time. Also keep in mind that I may add or remove services during the beta testing stage, according to what works and what doesn’t.

I will be using an authors-only newsletter to share new services and promos. If you would like to be added to the list, please sign up here: AUTHORS-ONLY NEWSLETTER

Scroll down to browse the services I currently offer and then fill in the Google form to sign up for any of the services you’d like your book/s to be included in: Please do not hesitate to contact me should you be looking for something that’s not included on this list. I’ll be happy to consider adding them.

Please note the blog does not promote erotica books or books advocating racist attitudes, nor those featuring rape, graphic violence, abuse, incest or drug use on the page. The themes of reverse harem or overt BDSM are also not a fit for this service. If you’re unsure, please contact me before submitting your book.

Weekend deals and free books

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The page is dedicated to books available on Amazon or wide, that are either free or priced 0,99 Euros. These can be temporarily discounted books as well as permanently discounted or permafrees. Since the page will go live on Friday around 10 am Italian time you must make sure the price has been discounted by then. If you’re using KU free days please keep in mind the time difference and make sure the book is discounted for the duration of the weekend until Sunday night.

The page will be live for a week until new deals are posted on Friday morning. For this reason, I will include a disclaimer to warn that some books may only be temporarily discounted and to check the prices before one-clicking, in order to avoid disappointed readers who visit the page after the weekend. The deals will be promoted on social media on Fridays. You are welcome to follow the blog’s profiles so you can like, comment and share to help the algorithm. 

The weekly newsletter that spotlights the weekend deals will go out on Fridays (around 12 noon, Italian time). I might test different hours of the day to find the best open rates.

I will also add a mention to the “Book of the month” and “KU books” pages at the bottom. While in beta testing mode, I might change the format and design of the newsletter over time.

Just a little piece of advice: if you’re letting Amazon do the conversion for you from USD as your main currency, it will most likely show up as 0.89 Euros. You’re better off changing that manually to make it 0.99 Euros, which is a more common price.

Book of the month

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Your book will be featured on the website in the “Libro del mese” section from the 1st to the 30th/31st of that month. The page will include: book cover, full blurb, buy links, links to your author website and social media. 

I will promote this page at the bottom of the weekly Friday newsletter, as well as on social media for four weeks (on Wednesday). During the beta testing stage the social calendar will be as follows:

The 1st post will introduce the book with the cover and the blurb.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th posts will include a snippet (max. 200-ish words for the caption and max. 1-2 sentences to be included in the graphic or a one-line teaser).

Therefore, after you sign up and you are assigned a month, you will be asked to provide the three teasers. I will create simple graphics and share them on social media once a week. The page will go live on the 1st of the month by 9 am Italian time, but I will be preparing it a few days in advance. If the material isn’t received by the 25th of the previous month, I will have to contact another author and postpone your book to another month. At the time being this is a one-woman show with lots of things to juggle so bear with me. Thank you for your understanding.

KU library

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Your book will be displayed on a dedicated page (Vetrina KU) for the whole month. Each book entry will include Cover, genre, heat level, buy link. I would like to display no more than 20 books for each term, to avoid reader distraction. If there is enough interest, I may consider dividing the books by sub-genre and including more entries for each category.

The page will be advertised every week on Monday on social media and a link will be included at the bottom of the weekly Friday newsletter.


New releases

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This page will spotlight the new releases of the month. It will go live around the 30th of the month (if your book releases on the 30th or 31st, you may include a preorder link). This page will only include the ebook cover, heat level, subgenre and buy links. 

Author library

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This page will include the author photo or logo, a short bio (max. 500 characters), a link to your website and 2 social media profiles, a link to your Amazon page on Amazon Italy. This service will be included only once the beta testing stage is over and we have the analytics for website visit and social media reach. We will be charging a small fee for this service, but your bio will be included on the page forever and we will spotlight it on social media when the page goes live. Optional: an author interview can be included for a small additional charge and it will be promoted on social media.

Group events

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I have been considering organizing a group event (think Love Kissed, LitRing, and similar services). At some point, I may include a giveaway for an Amazon gift card (or multiple gift cards for multiple winners). Initially, it could be just for special occasions (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.) though if things work out well, it could become a monthly thing. I will send you an email with a sign-up link for each promo. If you aren’t on the authors-only newsletter, I recommend signing up so you don’t miss any of the events.

Translations and proofreading

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I also offer English to Italian (and Spanish to Italian) translations, as well as proofreading of Italian translations, via my other website Blooming Author Translations (click here for info).

If you’re interested or know an author friend who is thinking about testing the Italian book market waters, please do not hesitate to reach out.

VA Services

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If there’s enough interest, I may be adding VA services. These will include translating newsletters (and replying to email from readers), translating social media content and managing dedicated social media profiles for Italian readers, translating copy for ads, and anything else you may need for your Italian books.

If you’re interested, please contact me.

Some additional notes: when displaying your book, either in the newsletter or on the website, I will always include the romance subgenre and the heat level. When submitting your book, please make sure to pick the right heat level to avoid unhappy readers. I have considered three different heat levels:

Sweet (dolce): clean or sweet books with no sex scenes, or if sex happens the doors are closed or the scene fades before clothes come off.

Sensual (sensuale): books with only 1-2 open-door scenes tops, not extremely descriptive and graphic. No explicit mention of intimate body parts.

Spicy (piccante): books with several graphic and descriptive sex scenes. Explicit mentions of intimate body parts (c*, d*, p* words) and explicit language.

As indicated at the top of the page, the blog does not promote erotica books or books advocating racist attitudes, nor those featuring rape, graphic violence, abuse, incest or drug use on the page. The themes of reverse harem or overt BDSM are also not a fit for this service. If you’re unsure, please contact me before submitting your book.

Would you like to book any of these services? Please fill in this Google form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

Want to get in touch with me to share suggestions and requests? Please use the contact form below.

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